Website Design

Why is a website important?

Your website is the one-stop for all your customer’s needs! It’s a 24/7 service with no holidays, be it festivals or calamities. 
You can only imagine how much it caters to your customer’s needs.

A website is the frontend of your business, a virtual showroom for the world. Most often than not, it is the website that builds trust among your customers, engages prospects and converts quality leads for your business’s prosperity.

In the generation of “let-me-google-that”, it’s not surprising that over 81% of all sales are influenced by a web search. Therefore, it is only obvious that the right web design can make or break your business.

So, would you leave this up to chance? This can very well define the trajectory of the growth of your business. Hire a digital marketing firm that knows how to transform your company’s branding, voice and offers into a site that is as visually appealing as it is performance-minded.

How should an ideal website be?

Think of all the terrible experiences you’ve had with some or the other websites? Did you stay and read all those you came across?

Although there’s no written constitution for how a website should be, there are some commonly acknowledged notions that make your website an enticing commodity.

  • The first glance gives away only the visually appealing features of your website. It’s imperative to make sure of the graphics, structure and color combinations that are not just captivating, but also meaningful.
  • Your website’s content defines your business. It gives the reader an idea of your products and services. However, excessive content is harmful and can disinterest your customers. Hence, the brevity and comprehensive nature of your content is paramount for your website to not be cumbersome.
  • A website that is difficult to navigate can be a down point for your business. A user-friendly interface of a website attracts more prospects. Simplicity is the key here.
  • In this generation of smartphones and all-time accessible internet connection, the mobile version of your website will be your virtual showroom for around 70-80% of your total visitors. Do not go easy on the responsiveness of your website.

High ROI

Websites will augment your marketing budget by more than just a marginal amount. However, this is money well spent and will be an investment in your business. A well-articulated website along with a cohesive marketing strategy can give you a very high return on your investment. This amplifies your business more than any other form of marketing, including paid ads. Investing in a website that attracts and builds a user base for your business gives you an edge over your competitors.

Judging as per the Key Performance Indicator, a website will spike your count by a significant amount and bring you closer to your objective. If that’s not a high return on investment, then what is?

Conversion Optimization

A showroom is worthless without a salesperson. This saying is true for a website as well. A website, as fantastic as it might be, is of no use if it doesn’t convert a prospect into a customer. When people find relevant information on your website, a majority of them will call or visit you offline for further investigation. All because your online showcase was convincing enough! A website built with conversions in mind is a salesperson and not just an expensive business card.

There’s no strategy that incorporates digital marketing for all kinds of businesses. Similarly, websites for different domains have varied requirements. With the combined experience of our team, we have a flexible approach in providing you services specific to your business’s needs. Even with our different strategies, our ultimate focus, lead generation, remains unswayed.

Protect your online reputation

A website is the virtual front face of your business. This means that not only does it define your presence, but it is also a token of your reputation online. In a popular survey, it was found that around 79% of users believe the reviews that they read online. One way of combating that negativity is by posting your own positive testimonials. But the better way, of course, is to improve upon your website. A good website is the one that-

  • Loads quickly
  • Does not have a lot of ads and malware
  • Visually pleasing
  • Responsive- easily visible on all types of screens
  • User friendly
  • Offers clear call to action for purchase, call or customer service

The more friendly your website is, the better will be your engagement with the customers.

Building Brand Loyalty

The generation of millennials is skeptical. Statistics show that 56% of people do not trust a business without a website. Having a good website instantly boosts your credibility as a legitimate business. Once your customers like your service, not only do they use it repeatedly, but they also recommend you to other potential customers. For these new customers to know you, your website is your brochure.

Having a good website makes you more visible to the pool of customers out there. Also,

  • Approximately 2/3 of the visitors will buy the product or service
  • Almost 75% of them become brand loyal repeat customers
  • Many of these repeat customers will write online reviews
  • More than 70% of potential customers consider online reviews as reliable as personal recommendations from their friends and family