Social Media Marketing

Why Social Media Marketing?

In the past decade, there has been a gradual increase in the number of people searching for stuff online first and then making an informed decision about buying the same. Being a seller of any product in a world where the competition is so cutthroat, would you be willing to miss out on any of the ways you can promote or publicize your product/brand? Of course not! 

Whether it is a well-established company or a startup looking to make a mark, every business aims at generating traction from social media websites.

Effective Social Media Marketing

Social mediums call for constant interaction and updates to accomplish worthy outcomes. It is also important to have your business’s presence on multiple social platforms and further filter down to a few based on the response generated.

Management of social media pages in order to ensure regular engagement and maintenance of quality content can be a tedious task. Our experts at Hyper Growth Media have devised effective ways to make a remarkable presence of your company on all social media platforms.

  • Setting meaningful social goals to be achieved - It can be attaining a certain number of followers, getting leads achieved from ads on social media pages and more.
  • We do quality research on the target audience best fit for your product/service
  • Building the following metrics -
1. Reach.

Post reach is defined as the number of users who saw your post. How far is the word of your product spreading across social media? Is it actually reaching users’ feeds? With the ever-changing existing algorithms, tracking reach is potentially more important than ever.

2. Clicks.

This is the number of clicks on your social media handle or advertisements. Link clicks are important in understanding the audience behavior in your marketing funnel. It gives us knowledge about what best intrigues the public and drives them into purchasing a product.

3. Engagement.

It gives an estimation of the number of users who interacted with your post and if it was a good ratio out of your total reach. This sheds light on how well your audience perceives you and their willingness to interact.

4. Hashtag performance.

Hashtags are a good way of reaching out to more than just regular followers or customers. Remembering what hashtags get the most reach and impressions can help shape the focus of your content going forward.

  • Creating and curating engaging content - Compelling visuals, theme-based content, regular posts are a few ways to keep an appreciable page engagement. Keeping up with the new designs and trend is just as important.
  • Taking care of the timings - Social media sites observe varying traffic during different intervals of the day. It might happen that a particular app has the most number of users during one hour of the day and the next hour it is a different site with more traffic. This changes according to weekdays as well. The proper study of this helps not only to grab the most attention on your posts but also enables much more interaction.
  • Assessing your results and optimizing - Not only is keeping a proper check and assessing the number of clicks, impressions, and leads important but also figuring out ways to improvise your posts and engagement is essential to forever keep your brand name flowing in the market.

Business growth with social media marketing

  • Brings in more sales leads or more purchasers.
  • Unlimited reach
  • Increases your sales and thus eventually promotes your brand name.
  • Allows you to directly communicate with customers, thus giving a platform for regular feedback. It gives timely and valuable customer service.
  • Inexpensive - It costs nothing to advertise about a product your company sells. However, the option of paid advertisements gets you help from the social media site itself to boost your reach.
  • It can merely be used as an impressive medium to divert the user traffic to the company website or blog.
  • Enables you to understand customer choices, behavior and decisions on a regular basis.