Search Engine Optimization

Why SEO?

Imagine setting up a shop in the middle of nowhere. You have no customers, no advertisement and no word being spread about your business. Will spending so much money on building and maintaining your shop benefit you?

Your website is your online shop. But what’s the point of having a website and spending so much money out of your budget with no return on your investment. Being a website on the internet is like being a needle in the haystack. For your website to feature at the top of search results, you’ll need a little something called Search Engine Optimization.

We at Hyper Growth Media serve you with the best of SEO techniques that will lure prospects to your websites, giving you huge traffic and substantial leads.

  • In the era of mobile phones, nobody looks up for business in a telephone directory anymore. While TV ads are highly efficient, they are expensive and not really relevant to the promotion of a website. It is only wise to make sure that your website is visible to the public at the top of a search result.
  • SEO serves you with organic results and not paid advertisements. This means that you won’t be charged per click or on the number of visitors to your website.
  • People do not trust the advertisements that come at the top of a google search result, just because they are paid and not organic. An organic result embeds within itself a sense of reliability and trust. It has been found that well over 71% of the searches resulted in a page 1 Google organic click.
  • SEO makes your website more and more visible to people who search for anything related to your business’s domain. This leads to a higher number of visits to the website, eventually leading to more convertible leads.
  • Finer SEO gives you an advantage over your competitors in terms of visibility. People trust only those about whom they’ve heard of.

SEO is suited for all kinds of websites, ranging from MNCs to local restaurants or car cleaners. It has been proved that SEO techniques provide a significant boost to the website’s daily volume.  There are 200+ factors that Google takes into account while ranking a page or a website. Furthermore, Google has introduced numerous algorithms to make the search results more and more relevant to the users.

We at Hyper Growth Media stay updated with these changes, for it may hinder the website’s ranking if used incorrectly. We also take care of the ranking factors for you by using our white hat SEO techniques for your business to be at the top of organic search results.

Be a step ahead of your competitors

Business is all about competition. Our thirst to get a step ahead of our competitors is what drives us to constantly improve upon our services and advertisements. We do aggressive competitor analysis to keep an eye on what they’re up to. With our SEO techniques, we guarantee you an ace.

Increase your ranking

For your business to flourish, it must first be known. SEO helps you to improve your ranking in the search engine results so that your business comes at the top whenever a relevant product or service is searched for. Of course you can do using paid advertisements as well, but will that build the same trust as an organic result? No.

Increase your website visits

With a higher ranking, your website is visible to a ton loads of people. Subsequently, they’ll visit your website to check out your services. This will improve your website's hits remarkably.

Increase your conversion

A website adds to the credibility of your business. With a higher number of visitors, there’s an increase in the number of prospects. We closely analyze the behavior of the visitors to your website and modernize our services accordingly. This results in an increased number of conversions.

Services in SEO

On and off-page optimization
Showing you at the top of search results means that google’s credibility is at stake too. Therefore, the first part of SEO is making the search engine trust you. In order for them to show you at the top, we must show them why you are the best answer to the customer’s question. If your website is fast, answers the visitor’s questions and has all the technical aspects in place, Google will rank you higher on the list. Higher your ranking, more the number of visitors and hence more sales. Ain’t that easy?
Visitor Behavior Analysis
We track the user’s behavior on your website by keeping an eye on factors like mouse clicks, scroll behavior, page views, time on page, form fills, keyboard activities and much more. Our continuous assessment of these activities gives us a better insight into the subsequent optimization of your website.
Monthly Reports
These are the index of your website’s performance and a graphical representation of traffic and conversions. This statistical data is what feeds SEO. Our team spends countless hours analyzing these numbers to tweak your website and its content to better fit in the system. These monthly reports are the grounds for us to improve the efficiency and efficacy of your website. More often than not, these numbers are the source for our creative and unique SEO ideas as well. So what you see as a bump or spike in the graph can actually be a headstart for a better strategy for the future.
Premium content writing and copywriting
The most important ingredient in a successful website is its content. It is rightfully awarded by the user and the search engines. A helpful website is most likely to attract visitors. During your digital marketing campaign, our writers take the time to learn about your business niche and do some extensive research on the market and target group for your service. Content research and development is key in SEO ranking strategy and is a continual process, often a reflection of the change in a search engine or user behavior.
Keyword Research
The science behind keywords has evolved since SEO began. Randomly stuffing a keyword amidst your content doesn’t actually help your website anymore, rather it can hurt your ranking. The search engines use machine learning and are thus continuously evolving. They recognize synonyms and context. This has made detailed keyword research a meticulous task. However, targeting the right keywords still remains the trump card of your website’s optimization.