Rank And Rent Services

What are Rank and Rent Websites?

Rank and rent services include the process of creating a website or online presence, growing it to a level to which it receives consistent leads, then renting the website out to a local business owner for a set fee. Just as one buys space in the real world, it is like buying space virtually.

The advantage of this is that any company renting the website or buying the leads gains all the benefits of an established niche website without having to wait for the results. A good SEO professional can be expensive, making the decreased cost of renting an already-optimized website very attractive. It also saves you a lot of work and time trying to keep up with the organically changing google algorithms.

Why opt for these services?

Our experience and skills in the field of SEO enables us to use our time efficiently to build a portfolio of proof/evidence. It directly helps you in getting lead access to your relevant business.

We at Hyper Growth Media ensure that we –

  • Do thorough keyword research - Before we start writing content for any website, we do basic keyword research. This helps us determine what words people are actually searching within Google, so we can write about that and show how our future client will solve their problems.
  • Audit Competitors and top ranking websites - Along with formulating our strategy for the website, we double-check this is a keyword we can rank for. We check the following from your potential competitors -
  1. The top-performing content on each site
  2. Their highest-ranking keywords
  3. The backlink profile
  4. Their traffic from organic search
  5. Use Research Central to find all the information you need.

We take a look at each competitor and top-ranking websites. The way it is designed, its layout, calls-to-action, color schemes, or imagery. Study how their sites are set-up, how the content is laid out, and what elements and terms are present on each page. We also figure the target audience the website is for. This information proves very crucial while moving forward with building the website, as we want it to stand out from the crowd but at the same time grab more attention.

  • Setting up a website and creating quality content - Adding engrossing elements, including pictures, videos, infographics, and downloadable assets that help the content get more traffic and shares, ultimately making the site more successful. Creating a blog is quite essential to continuously make sure there are new visitors and further turn them into returning visitors. From an SEO vantage point, search engines lookout for fresh content which forms an important part of a search engine’s strategy. Regular blog posts also help in getting better exposure for new keywords which can help drive additional traffic to your website. Regular posts on your website’s blog also help drive traffic from social media platforms.
    We make it a point to go along the way to help boost the site’s rankings and visibility, by getting informative, interesting, and putting your business’ relevant pieces that will help your brand name gain some ground quickly.
  • We rent at affordable prices and under different schemes.