Conversion Rate Optimization

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

The process of raising the percentage of any desired activity performed by users on your website is known as conversion rate optimization. The activities could include –

  1. Opting for a service
  2. Buying a product
  3. Clicks on a particular section of the website
  4. Clicks on a given link 
  5. Forms filled 
  6. Subscribers to your email link

How one calculates the conversion rate –

Conversion rate = number of conversions/number of total site visits x 100

There is a lot that any user takes into consideration before buying a product or choosing a service. Conversion is the leap that any user takes to profit your company.  To make sure every visitor becomes a customer or at the least a potential customer, it is imperative to understand it at a very basic level that what in your website –

  • Drives them towards your website (drivers) - To convert your users, you need to understand why people are coming to your website. They could be coming from a specific Google search for a product you sell, simply doing some research, or on someone’s recommendation.
  • Causes them to leave (barriers) - To know what pages on your website or what reason causes people to leave your website is important to improvise and make the required changes.
  • Persuades them to perform the desired action or make a purchase (hooks) - Knowing what convinced your existing users and customers to act gives you a clear picture of what you need to act more on, and also stop doing, to convert more and more of your future visitors.

Our work in this field gives us the expertise to analyze all three to boost your conversion rates as high as possible.

Best Practices in Conversion optimization -

  • Incorporating all trending practices in digital marketing -
    Be it the use of imagery, appealing graphics, theme bases buttons, animations, etc.
  • Understanding your customers -
    Identifying what products and services appeal to the customers, the website pages that catch their attention and working in the direction of consumer preference helps your page the best.
  • Using tools -
    These help you to track the number of website visitors, number of scrolls or clicks, way people navigate through your website -
  1. Heatmap: Helps you see where mouses travel the most, clicks while viewing a web page.
  2. Scroll map: Identifies the point at which users stop scrolling on a given page.
  3. Recordings: Record individual sessions of a user’s experience on a specific web page to study their navigation.
  4. A/B tests: Conduct A/B tests on any variation of a web page to analyze the improvement in conversions.
  5. Forms: Get detailed information about prospects and turn them into leads.
  • Taking regular feedbacks -
    The best way to improve is by honest opinions and feedback from your customers themselves. Understanding their perspective and opinions should always be taken into consideration to get more conversions. Looking out for online reviews on your products and services and analyzing them is a good way to understand consumer response as well.

Why opt for CRO -

  • It’s the most efficient way to get more customers from the same amount of traffic. It is a confirmed long time investment for maximum outputs.
  • Cost-effective - Rather than using conventional methods for marketing that requires money, this is way simpler and guarantees more returns. It gives you more customers from the same or an even lesser amount of money.
  • Once you have the data and you have good researchers, you can overcome any hurdles, generate more sales and dominate your industry. The key here is to use the data available through tools to the best of its ability.
  • It increases the number of leads generated and net new customers.